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Payment Solutions
Israels leading payment solutions
PayPlus Mobile
Credit Card payment with iPhone or Android
Websites Payment Addons
Redirect for the electronic E-commerce systems
Recurring Payments
Israels top recurring credit card payment system
Integration to wordpress
IFRAME/Redirect integration
Emv Compliance
Payment solutions with EMV compliance
Dedicated domain
Secure payment page with your domain
Payment with bit
From today its easier to pay with bit
Membership Cards multipass
From today its easier to pay with membership cards
SMS Systems
Send SMS directly from your payplus account
Hosting And Hotels oracle
Special integration of PayPlus to Oracle
Cashiers sap
Smart cashiers sap b1

A new generation NEW!

of smart cashiers on cloud with

transparent interface to SAP B1

woman using laptop
  • Customer identification and selling items based on data managed in SAP B1
  • A variety of payment methods, such as EMV-compliant credit cards, checks, gift cards, refunds, and more...
  • Cashiers mapping SAP B1
  • Refund and voucher issuance mechanism
  • Model for managing benefits, promotions, and coupons
  • Model for managing a club at point of sale and digital enrollment
  • Digital invoices
features image
features image

Add-on for vouchers and credit card processing in SAP B1 documents

  • Payment interface and receipt generation using a variety of payment methods such as: Credit card charges in EMV standard, checks, gift cards, refunds, and more, with SAP B1 document integration
  • Support for documents such as invoices, purchase orders, proforma invoices, and receipts
  • Refund and credit generation mechanism
features image

IFRAME for CRM and E-Com systems for payment processing and order capture

  • Web interface with user permissions for making payments and placing orders in systems such as: Salesforce, Creation, Shopify
  • A variety of payment methods such as: Credit cards with EMV standard, checks, gift cards, refunds, and more with mapping to SAP B1 cash registers
  • Automated order and approval mechanism in SAP B1
features image

Establishment of automated billing processes for customer charges and receipt creation

  • Creation of a process for storing customer card tokens securely
  • Establishment of automated billing processes based on monthly retainers or monthly orders according to the billing date
  • Generating receipts in SAP B1 based on the actual charges made


Installing an Add-On that allows for simple and intuitive credit card payments and receipt creation (including refunds and credits) with the press of a button, from a variety of documents such as sales orders, invoices, receipts, advances, and more.